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Keep It Cool With NEW Cooling Oil!

July 12, 2017, Author: all_about

Feeling overheated from the sunny 80+ degree summer days? Feeling sore and achy from all the summer activities? You no longer have to worry, because the NEW Aveda Cooling Oil Concentrate can help with all that and more! Made with blue chamomile and peppermint, this oil is sure to invigorate your senses and refresh you on any hot summer day! Here are some ways to use it:


Feeling hot? Rub a small amount behind your ears, on your wrist, or on the back of your neck.


Feeling tense and achy? Massage oil into any area that is feeling sore.

Feeling stressed? Deeply breathe in the aroma and focus on the scent. It’ll awaken you and refresh your senses!

Wanting extra relaxation? Pour about 10 drops into a hot bath, the aroma will soothe you and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Just enjoy the scent? Warm some up in an oil diffuser! The scent will be spread throughout your whole house!

What are your favorite ways to use the cooling oil? Let us know in the comments!!