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All About Chakras

May 31, 2017, Author: all_about

If you’ve ever been inside our salon (or any Aveda salon for that matter), you’ve probably heard, seen, or smelt the mysteries that are Chakras. But what are they? At first glance they seem like just another fragrance spray, but looking further they are so much more.

A Chakra is a 5,000 year old Ayurvedic healing tradition that balances the seven spinning wheels of energy to help improve the mind and body. Aveda has taken this tradition and created from it the sensory journey to help you find the chakra you need more focus towards. The seven chakras include grounded, nourished, wisdom, intention, expressive, insight and harmony.

But how do you perform one of the sensory journeys with the chakras? Here’s how: Look at the chakra cards. Based on the color, symbol, and word, follow your instincts toward whichever card you are most drawn towards. That is the chakra you need to focus most on. Then, you spray the scent and focus on breathing it in with slow, deep breaths.

Which Chakra do you find most beneficial in your life? Let us know in the comments below!