3 Tips to Save Water

June 4, 2017, Author: all_about

There are many ways to cut down on water usage, but here are three of the easiest ways to make a big difference!

Shorten Your Shower

By cutting off just 3 minutes from your shower, you save 6 gallons of water, equaling 2,190 gallons a year!

Turn Off to Brush

When brushing your teeth, don’t let the water keep running! By turning off the water you can save about 28 gallons of water each week.

Fill Up Refillable Bottles

Instead of drinking from one-time-use water bottles, invest in a refillable one! It takes about 3 times as much water to make the bottle than to fill it, so a refillable one will save loads of water in the long run. Plus it saves money, too!

What do you do every day to help save water? Let us know in the comments!

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