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All About Nails

Experience customized care for your hands and feet. Our nail services include proper maintenance and grooming of the nails and cuticles, Aveda’s hand treatment and perfect polish application. Our upgraded nails services include a customized treatment masque, hot towels and ad in-depth massage. These soothing treatments bring your hands and feet back to balance.

Signature Manicure – $30 w/Cathy – $40

Signature Gel Manicure includes removal- $40

Signature Pedicure 40 Minutes – $40 w/Cathy – $50

Deluxe Signature Manicure includes masque, hot towels, massage and exfoliation – $40 w/Cathy $50

Deluxe Signature Pedicure includes hot towels,masque, exfoliation and massage  60 Minutes – $55  w/Cathy $60

Sports Manicure – $28 w/Cathy $30

Sports Pedicure – $35 w/Cathy $40

Chakra Manicure – $40

Chakra Pedicure – $60

Reflexology and Pedikarma

$1 per minute added to your nail or skin service

Polygel Full Set – $60

Polygel Fill – $40

French Tip – $10

Nail Art – $10

Gel Removal – $15

Hand Renewal Treatment – $25

Additional nail services available based upon a consultation with our nail specialists


Every nail experience includes customized moisturizer, salt and cleanser.  You can choose your aroma during your Ritual of Renewal at the beginning of your service.

Our aromas are compositions of essential oils that are signature to Aveda.  They are Shampure,  Stress Fix, Cooling, All Sensitive, Love, Mens Pureformance  and Beautifying.

Refund/Repair Policy: In the event that you are unsatisfied with the results of your service, we allow you a week to notify us and receive a complimentary second service. If you contact us beyond a week prior to your service, or if you have altered the result of the service you received, you will no longer be able to receive neither repair nor refund. For questions, contact us at (302) 539-1925.